Friday, June 9, 2017


In the Township of Washington the largest group of registered voters are ‘Un-affiliated’. The result of their registration choice is that these voters have little influence with regard to who runs for office. The major reason stated is they don’t like politics. But they will tell you that high on their complaint list is the amount of taxes they share as their burden.
Nationally the statistic of the number of unaffiliated voters has shown major increase but the true determination is difficult. The reason is blamed on disaffection with parties and ideas. However the disaffection provide little influence upon political ideals other than follow the crowd.
There are two meanings to the words related to politics, politicians. The denotation in the Webster Dictionary is about the development and practice of establishing government and governing. The Connotation today is that politics has become the ability and practice expressing what is being done by government and what should be done regarding government while new ideas are voiced to be correct regardless of the principles of our Constitution’s government. New laws are continuingly brainstormed and regulations are being formulated mostly along the belief of parties’ and their speakers. Our Constitution was developed by astute politicians. It became a law that controlled the size of government and provided freedoms while regulations were put in place that the citizenry had the ability to resist the desires of politicians when counter to the founding principles.  Many unaffiliated voters will wonder if we truly need another law or that there should be a law.
Along the lines of the connotation has become the hidden government of the News Media and their opinionated voices. Today with the advent of Cable TV the flow of monies by advertisers who are urgent to have their products and services before the eyes and ears of consumers has created a class of talking heads who seem to care less about the original purposes of our Constitution. All of the prattle convinces voters that they hate politics but the same voters consume the connoted political speech of the Talking Heads.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Stop being politically correct.

Each morning people put on their pants held up by belt or suspenders or both. We wake up knowing what to do. Each news cycle we hear of killing in a place the world recognizes. Terrorism is here on our planet. We went through years of “religion of peace”.
When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor they bombed the United States. Our goal was simple, fight the war and win. When the World Trade Centers were attacked or goal was straight forward. Bush told them they would hear from us. Yes we brought down Saddam Hussein. We fought a war and won.
 What the world needs is love? In the name of love we are losing the war that has sprung from Bush’s voice. When we put on our belts we subconsciously recognize that our pants could fall down. When they attack we know they are at war with us. Trump was elected because people are tired of an approach that was small sided. Look at the size of the U S contribution to the ongoing Mid–east war.
We must disarm the combatants and stop them from immigrating soldiers to our lands. We must identify the enemy and identify their source of weapons and inspiration. The nations worried that we disavowed the Paris Accord against CO2 should look within and decide are they in a war or just trying to give love a chance? If we do not act what difference will a few degrees warmth make. 

Fox News: 12 arrested following the London attack. 
Could they have been arrested sooner?
Wake up and put on your belt.