Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Do you Remeber?

 In the White house we have a President that seems to be what we wished for. Yes he is not a pure conservative but;when we marched in 2009 we wanted smaller government. We wanted a government that was living by the Constitution, a government that was taking actions to grow the economy.On my sweat shirt it is printed "A pro-lifer in the House" in front of a draing of our nations White House.
Trump is not a pure conservative but he is a lot of what we wanted.

From Wikipedia:
 "The Taxpayer March on Washington (also known as the 9/12 Tea Party) was a Tea Party protest march from Freedom Plaza to the United States Capitol that was held on September 12, 2009, in Washington, D.C.[1][2] The event coincided with other similar protests organized in various cities across the nation.[3] The protesters rallied against what they consider big government, the dismantling of free market capitalism, abortion, and President Barack Obama's proposals on health care reform, taxation, and federal spending, among other issues.[3][4][5][6][7][8]
The lead organizer of the event was Brendan Steinhauser, who was serving as the Director of Federal and State Campaigns for FreedomWorks. Organizers of the event included the 9-12 Project, FreedomWorks, the National Taxpayers Union, The Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, Tea Party Patriots, ResistNet and Americans for Prosperity.[9][10][11][12][13] The event was also promoted by Fox News commentator Glenn Beck as a symbol of what he called "national unity" following the eight-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks.[14][15] The march is the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives ever held in Washington, D.C.,[16][17] as well as the largest demonstration against President Obama's administration.[4]
A wide range of crowd estimates was suggested for the event,[18] with most media sourcing the Public Information Officer of the D.C. Fire Department who unofficially estimated the attendance "in excess of 75,000" people.[1][18][19][20] The D.C. Fire Department later released a statement saying that they do not do crowd estimates, and any crowd estimation attributed to them was false. They also stated that an early estimation of 60,000 over Twitter was for a specific area, Freedom Plaza, not the total number of participants in the event.[21] Event organizers also reported a range of attendance. FreedomWorks suggested between 600,000 and 800,000 participants while National Taxpayers Union said 200,000 to 300,000.[18]"

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Anti Trump, Marchers, Pro terrorists

In recent weeks Hollywood and Television personalities supporting chanted and spoke diatribes against president trump. Now we see box stores dropping Trump brands. This is all because Trump who has spoken plainly about what he is against. Freedom of speech is a founding principle of our nation. 

In the exercising of free speech all citizens who voted for Donald Trump, our President, are urged to stay away from movies, television shows, recordings, and Box stores as well as product manufacturers, which have denigrated our president, his family members, or staff. These protestors are a source of the liberal criticism voiced against conservative views and against our national heritage. 

Groups have marched and chanted for abortion rights. Would these marchers have welcomed their mother’s abortion? Radical marchers have destroyed property and interfered with the free speech of others.

 If their compatriot judges and ranting people against Trump’s temporary immigration understood that immigrants receive four hundred dollars more monthly than a retired soldier, would they contribute the veteran’s retirement short fall?

How many radical Muslims exist out of the world population of 1.57 billion? If it is 1% are terrorists, then there are about 15.7 MILLION terrorists, or about five (5) percent of our country’s total population. If 1/10th of one percent (15,000) came to our United States, and 1/10th (1500) became active terrorist here in our country, how many people would be harmed? Could we stop one of them from being successful in their jihad?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Boycott the Academy Awards on February 26, 2017.

 Article received in E-mail, who wrote the piece is unknown to me but I love it!
We don't watch any of those award ceremonies; I don't believe we ever have! 
Why couldn't we boycott the movies that these people are in? If all of the deplorables did that, it would hit them in their wallets. I'm beyond tired of listening to their venomous accusations! Why do we support them at all?  We also need to take a stand.
Call it a peaceful protest from the silent majority!
The 89th showing of the Academy Awards is coming up on February 26th.  It is important that we, the deplorable, show the likes of Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Alec Baldwin, Cher, Ashley Judd, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and the other arrogant hypocrites, that we, the backbone and decent people of America, are more united than the bitter, unhappy, angry, divisive people of the entertainment industry.
These arrogant, pompous, pampered soulless individuals declare that half of Americans are racist, sexist, and bigoted for voicing our political choice through Donald Trump. Yet there can be no doubt that the entertainment industry does more to exploit, degrade, minimize, and stereotype women than Donald Trump or any other industry ever has.
From Madonna and Miley Cyrus parading on stage with little to no clothing while grabbing their crotches and allowing fans to do the same, to movies that depict women as whores, sluts, and gold-diggers dependent on their bodies for survival, to the deplorable speeches of Madonna and Ashley Judd talking about their periods in a vile manner and talking about blowing up the White House, we must send these evil-hearted people a strong and distinct message that they do not speak for the women of this country and they are not the role models of our young daughters.
The wearing of pink does not negate the black hearts that these people have for our country and our Constitution.  Nor does it negate the disdain and contempt they have for the American people and our political process.
In recent social media threads, the good people of this nation are calling for a full boycott of the entertainment industry for this unwarranted and outrageous display of petulant behavior. Some in the entertainment industry are mocking us saying, "Go ahead, we don't need you trailer trash racists."
That may be true, but these people do need our green dollars.  It is important that we send a strong and powerful message to this group telling them to stick to their make believe jobs and to leave the politics of this country to the people, just as our wise and forward thinking forefathers designed.
The good people of this country are not asking you to give up movies.  We are asking you to take two simple steps. 
  • First, protest these groups by refusing to watch the Academy Awards on February 26.  Simply change the channel or go for a walk with your family members and tell them how much you love them.
  • Second, forward this request to as many friends as possible and post it on social media to get the word out.
This will only be effective if we show the same unity we exhibited during the election.  Yet how powerful will it be when the ratings for the Academy Awards fall in the toilet.  It is only for a couple of hours and requires very little effort.  When this happens, the arrogant entertainment industry will understand just how insignificant and powerless they are.
I am so proud of my fellow Americans who stood up and said, "Enough is Enough."  Michelle may have only been proud of this country once in her life, but we the patriots have never lost our love and pride in America.  The left is now up to their old tricks trying to bully the rest of us into feeling guilty.
Let them know that their selfish, vulgar, and unpatriotic behavior over this past week will not be tolerated.  Let them know that we will not be silenced and that we are no longer going to be shamed for what we believe.  We must continue the fight.  We must shut them down now.  We must show them that America will be great again no matter how filthy and disgusting they become.
Boycott the Academy Awards on February 26, 2017."

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What happened to TEA PARTY ZEAL


Barack Obama spent the eight years of his presidency undermining our borders and flooding our country with illegal immigrants and poorly vetted "refugees."

Now, the time has come for the American People to undo the damage.

That's why I can't thank you enough for your recent action in support of the American Security Coalition.

Islamists and other illegal aliens have continually poured into our country over the last eight years.

And Barack Obama's policies yielded tragedies in San Francisco, San Bernardino, Orlando, and New York City yet again.

I believe you know, the end of Barack Obama's presidency will not magically undo the harm his policies have inflicted.

So please allow me to take a few minutes to give you a little more information about the American Security Coalition and the fight to defend our American way of life.

As Ronald Reagan said, "a nation without borders is no nation at all."

Yet over the last few years, millions of illegal immigrants have poured into our country, where they're rewarded for breaking the law with promises of amnesty and welfare benefits.

At the same time -- even though terrorist groups such as ISIS openly admit to using mass immigration as a Trojan Horse to infiltrate and attack their enemies -- thousands of Islamists were welcomed with open arms through Barack Obama's Syrian refugee program with little to no background checks or monitoring.

The American people were frustrated -- and rightly so.

Under Barack Obama, our government refused to perform its core function of securing our borders and protecting our country from radical Islamic terrorists.

That's why the American Security Coalition was formed to lead the fight to secure America's borders, halt illegal immigration, and defend our way of life.

Our goal is to create a grassroots firestorm of pressure on Congress to stop amnesty, cut off welfare for illegal immigrants, build a secure southern border, and shut down Obama's Syrian refugee program.

The election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States provided patriotic Americans like you and me with a golden opportunity to achieve these goals.

But he will need your help to overcome the open-border Washington elites.

And the good news is, after the stunning results of the elections, there's never been a better time than right now to "get the ears" of the politicians in Washington.

The American people delivered a clear message on Election Day: we will no longer tolerate the grave dangers that illegal immigration and open borders pose to our national sovereignty, culture and values.

That's why the American Security Coalition has developed an aggressive program designed to support President Trump's plans to reform immigration policy, deport dangerous illegal aliens and secure our border with Mexico.

Using direct mail, email, Internet, radio, and TV ads, the American Security Coalition will mobilize a grassroots army of American patriots from coast-to-coast to send a loud-and-clear message to the politicians in Washington:

"Vote against our American culture and our values -- and lose your job!"

If I've learned one lesson during my time working in politics, it's that these are the kinds of messages that resonate with elected officials.

Gerald, living in a democratic republic form of government means you and I have a duty to preserve America's sovereignty, culture and values.

And one of the most effective ways to do that is by holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

Thank you once again for supporting the American Security Coalition.

Together, you and I can and will protect and defend the American way of life.


Dustin Curtis
Director of Policy

P.S. The American Security Coalition is on the frontlines leading the fight in Washington to secure America's borders, halt illegal immigration, and defend the American way of life.

The American Security Coalition has created an aggressive program designed to educate and mobilize the American public against the grave dangers that illegal immigration and open borders pose to our national sovereignty, culture and values.

But we rely 100% on the generosity of patriotic Americans like you.

So please chip in a contribution to help the American Security Coalition continue fighting to protect and defend the American way of life.

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