Thursday, January 23, 2020

Think about it!

The House of Representatives hate our president. They have Impeached our President because he stood up and continues to stand up against the Swamp of Washington. Do the citizens of our fair country understand who the Swamp Dwellers are? The swamp dwellers are employees of the United States Government. They have attained their positions at various levels of the bureaucracy, and have only a desire to remain there. They are members of the offices of Secretaries, Departments, Agencies, etc. Look at the Information Almanac and count the numbers. The Department of Justice is a sample. They started the investigation of Donald Trump with allegations that he colluded with the Russians to gain his defeat of H. Clinton. 
Look at the other agencies. There is the IRS who chase citizens, maybe rightly, when their are short falls in tax payment. Good, but many time they negotiate deals for settlements in thousands through millions of settlements. They will spend thousands chasing poor or small violators but never give them a proportional settlement. If yu are of the opposition political bend they will hound you.

Seriously look up the size of our government in the Information Almanac.   

How big is our Federal Government? Go down the list below and add deputies, assistants, secretaries for each, and file clerks.  According to the 2018 INFORMATION ALAMAC:
·       Cabinet Heads, 15 Secretaries
·       Cabinet Departments:
-      Department of State, 6 agencies or commissions with offices around the world
-      Department of Treasury, 6 Bureaus (includes the IRS)
-      Department of Defense, 6 Agencies with the multiple of the armed forces
-      Department of Justice, 8 Bureaus, Agencies Commissions, including FBI thousands etc.
-      Department of Interior, 8 Bureaus, Services etc.
-      Department of Agriculture, 8 Services
-      Department of Commerce, 8 Bureaus, Institutes etc.
-      Department of Labor, 8 Bureaus, Offices
-      Department of Health and Human Services, 7 Agencies
-      Department of Housing and Urban Development, 4 Administrations, (Including Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac)
-      Department of Transportation, 7 Administrations
-      Department of Energy, 4 Administrations or Commissions
-      Department of Education, 1
-      Department of Veterans Affairs, 1
-      Department of Homeland Security, 8 Agencies
In addition to the above fourteen Departments having 90 offices, there are 88 other US Government agencies. No listing includes numbers for the CIA. Multiply the above by 102 by the number of secretaries, assistants, attorneys, and clerks for each of the above. Many possible hold overs from previous administrations and who have loyalties to their chosen political party. How many are paid via tax dollars while plotting their job security?

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Federalist feeling

There was a patriot named James Madison. His fear was that the Constitution would create an aristocracy. (Federalist Paper No. 10) “Either the existence of the same passion, or interest in a majority at the same time must be prevented, or the majority, having such coexistent passion or interest, must be rendered by their number and local situation, unable to concert and carry into effect their schemes of oppression.” In other words majorities will not carry into effect reasonable resolutions. Differences like religions have difficulty in resolution. The majority in the House of Representatives lives with the hate of the Election Person whom is identified as a Republican.

In hope I'm wrong, Pelosi delay is a plan. The Democrats want to delay a minority number’s Trial. Her delay will put the Republicans in a delay until they can subpoena their choice of witnesses. Next they, the Democrats, will go to court and appeal their assumed rights to confidentiality regardless. They will have more delay. About the month of March, in the midst of campaign and possibly another impeachment charge. They will go to summer and make another charge.

The Constitution, which Madison feared, made no provision for political party rule. It provided another principal for our Republic’s Electoral College rather than Democracy. The Supreme Court needs to immediately and demand impeachment procedures, rather than the will of the moment by a one party feeling. The typical vote for, in favor of, our Electoral College.

Gerald Keer

Sunday, December 15, 2019

C SPAN video of Ronald Reagan, a must watch

Copy and play and watch the speech of Our former President when he campaigned for the great Barry Goldwater.
Watch and listen.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Horowitz and newspapaer criticsm

Yesterday Mr. Horowitz, (I. G.) testified before the Senate. The outcome was previously anticipated in your print. The SJ TIMES, printed on Monday December 9, 2019 front page; “Russia Probe valid, despite flaws.” The least your readers might anticipate and deserve are the Senate member opinions of the numbers of wrongs, and errors, based upon Senator Views regarding the FBI’s investigations, and FISA filing procedures. The Senate found substantial counts of wrong steps. The author of Monday’s article, Eric Tucker of the Washington Post, should be shamed as a witch hunting fake news ‘supporting denizen’ of the Deep-swamp. He, in lieu of facts, expressed his opinion that the money and functional time of Congress and Government was not wasted. Ignored was the DOJ, which is a membership and part of the ‘Deep Swamp’ in all probability would love to protect the larva of the scum pond puddle. Does that sound harsh?

What is most upsetting is a Government agency, FBI, with sworn directors and management, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, felt it necessary to conduct and manipulate their procedures outside of their written and legislated rules efforts toward impeachment of the President, and prosecution of administration members. If nothing other than a national disgrace the Impeachment is proof of Deep State attitudinal efforts by overstuffed government agencies. This swamp was evident over the years past; IRS investigation of Tea Party, NSA collection of telephone calls, CIA investigations of citizens, or treatment of General Flynn. Print facts of government un-Constitutional and not opinions in defense of fingers in the pudding.

Gerald Keer