Friday, April 13, 2018

Who does NJ need to fear?

There was a tax cut passed into law. We in NJ did not see all of the benefit because there was a deduction limit placed on our amount of taxes paid to local and state governments.
Corey Booker, the NJ Senator who wants to be President elect in 2020, claimed the tax cut is driving up the deficit because funds are not flowing to the (Federal) Treasury.  We had eight years of that type of thinking by the Guy who told us two percent GDP is the new normal.  The less money going to the US Treasury the more we have to spend. The more in the hands of citizens, spend, and save, the more our economy will grow.
I remember the Richard Nixon-Nikita Khrushchev Kitchen debate in 1959 wherein Nikita swore the Soviet Union would bury the United States. The mathematics of the Khrushchev point was they would have a growth of 6 % per year while the US will only have 2%. We saw that for eight years. Beware of the Booker.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Who or what is our Tyrrant

Dear Editor,
Is it time to re-read our Declaration of Independence? The American patriots who quilled and inked the Document would be astounded how Our Nation has morphed to the ways of the Tyrannical King against whom they rebelled. We have become a nation of un-elected, non-agreed to Bureaus, with behind the scenes people of appointed Secretaries and Agency Managers, who by fiat are leading us toward the absence of The Declaration’s intent toward a free nation under God.
Our Government has passed laws that are administered by appointed, un-elected, Departments heads. These un-elected interpretations have taken us toward the loss of liberties and life restrictions based on their decisions. Circumvention of established laws provide free-lance immigration. Judges are now the authors of Law rather than interpretation. Taxations have become punishment of legitimate enterprise. We are accused of the warming climate with no scientific plan, method, or duration for accomplishing its reversal. Reversal that might be more disastrous than the current predictions. Restrained rights are the battle cry of liberal mindsets. They removed personal admission of God from our public assemblies. We view this as infringing on our freedom of our speech. Expression of our faith has become an abhorrent practice by some. Yet by foreign entanglement Sharia Law is considered. Congress, Judges, and Department Officials, are tantamount to a King, whom founding fathers rejected with words; “You have refused assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good”. All this while Congress, as ballyhooed by news media, morphs into their way of life and easy roads to riches, paid benefits, and vacations; they have assumed non-authorized royalty. Save our Declaration, and beware of a re-write of our Constitution.
Gerald Keer

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Definitions of horrors

Television and Newspapers are telling the stories of the atrocity in the Florida High School. Everyone will, or should, agree it is a horror story. The national horror stories are the homicide statistics. Each evening the local news will tell of homicides in the Philadelphia area. Usually a body found on the street. Philadelphia murder count was 317 in 2017. Chicago, which has a larger population experienced 650. DC had 259 homicides. They don’t need semi-automatic weapons. No report was found for 2017 for California. However in 2016 California had 1930 homicides.
This year over 133,900 baby’s ln the United States were aborted. Are these horror stories exposed detail? Statistics for horrors are slightly difficult to find. In 2014, the highest percentage of pregnancies were aborted in the District of Columbia (38%), New York (33%), and New Jersey (30%). Governor Murphy released seven and on half million dollars for women’s funding. What will those tax payers dollars buy? They don’t need semi-automatic weapons, just a request.