Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Judges think they are Kings.

 The last time this land was ruled by kings we found it was time for revolution.

In 1776, fifty-six patriots signed The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence provides the reasoning to change our form of government, and our dissolution from the English Crown. A portion of the document’s principles and ideals are; Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” 

During the two thousand nine hundred ninety-two days of President Obama, he  issued executive orders without Congressional concurrence regarding; immigration amnesty, environment, labor and industry regulation, ignoring defense, national spending, etc. if these, and his 2012 Benghazi obfuscations were not causes for his removal, then the time came and went for our Senators and Congressmen, regardless of party, to send a strong message to Barack Obama telling him He has moved our country’s Presidency to the verge of becoming a dictatorial executive. His Benghazi e-mail claim were an insult and proof of lies or ineptitude. Few voters knew Obama in 2008, but we now know that he was in opposition to our country’s principles. It is time for those who twice voted for Barack Obama, and news media that endorsed him twice, to acknowledge we have a Constitution and Laws.

Our President Trump has come from our votes under the Constitution. We need a President that is forthright and principled, and above all true to the Constitution. 

As Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams "I hold that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing and is as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."

This doesn't mean we need to take out our muskets or pitch forks. We do need to have our voices heard. Is it time to silence judges who take it on themselves to find fault with words spoken under freedom of speech. The recent acts of a judges, in Hawaii and San Fransisco, deserve our voices of shout to silence their acts. They have rights to opinions but not to act without a case being presented as a reason for their issuing stays.   

Monday, April 10, 2017

Is your; state, County, Town, and you represented?

I was thinking about our United Stated of America. It led me to look at our flag. Note the fifty stars and their evolution into existence today. Each star represents one of the state but none have a name. When the legendary seamstress attached them she was did not embroider which star represented which state. Our Constitution make no delineation about the states except for the fact that representatives of the states shall meet and select the President of the United State. This procedure gives each state a voice separate from neighbors within the nation. That known procedure today is our electoral college. What is missed in our states and local government is a similar set of voices that gives local voices within our state the ability to be expressed apart or together with neighboring counties or districts. 

New Jersey has twenty-one counties, but only fourteen electoral votes. California has fifty-five electoral votes. 

The Electoral College is a protective system for our State as well as for Delaware which has three Electoral Votes. 

In the County of Gloucester there are twenty-four; towns, cities, townships, boroughs, etc. Our county government has seven Freeholders representing the twenty four division.  Some of the county’s political divisions have wards where the voting takes place. Do the seven freeholders represent individual towns? Actually the voted or elected freeholders could all come from one or several towns, not representative of a minor or major division.

The Township of Washington has thirty- nine voting districts represented by five council seats which could, but not likely, come from one voting district.
 It is time to adopt Wards for our town. What about your town’s government representation?

Friday, March 31, 2017

An opinion about the recent failure

Mr. Bunkin wrote in the SJT’s that Americans ‘could have lost their health insurance’. He was referring to the failed attempt to pass Obama Care 2. He does not address the dire condition wherein they might lose the coverage or go broke trying to survive the premiums and deductibles, of Obama Care (1), as well as the other problems brought on by Obama. Though Republicans would not agree we must realize that the ACA was bad from the beginning. The 2017 Republicans should have worked in more depth and preparation, but being politicians in the main they worried over the loss of donations or possibly their precious seat. 

Why did the Democrats not negotiate in the beginning and admit the law’s failure over the past years? In 2009 the Democrats ignored the signs of the problems with this faulted and signature law. The question is that since November, 2016 Democrats and their support have been engaged in name calling of fascism. The ACA was the fascist start wherein Democrats in government ruled and forced businesses, heavy and highhandedly by ordering health insurance, and Health Care regulations, regardless of private citizen choice. Check the dictionary definition of fascism. In the early days we heard it must be passed to find out what is in the law. 

What is not recognized is that Politicians, who are defined as those skilled in government, truly have little talent outside their party. They live lies and practice their salesmanship to a block of voters who the party deems deserving of magnanimous charity. Politicians live by plotting against a different party or notable persons. You see them target anyone who would dare to align with a person of an opposing position.

The original ACA never was crafted properly. Democrats were determined to act as though they were helping the poor at the expense of everyone’s pocket book, bank account or wages. Deliberate legislation was forced as a tax on the citizenry.  

·       The fact is that insurance across state lines wherein the insurance pools could have been larger, was ignored.

·        When pre-existing conditions existed provision of previous health insurance of prior coverage could have been sur-charged. Employees are punished if they change careers or employers. Leave company “A” and go to a new employer where previous condition/s are a detraction from granting new employment.

·       Employers should not have been the targets of the legislation while making it advantageous to shed employees.  
Much ink and time was wasted.  We see; printed press, TV news talking heads, and Democrats aim at the new politician, Trump, and the wimpy party members. Trump, the neo-politician,  wanted to do well for the citizenry, rather than create or allow continuance of the Obama trend toward socialist or fascist state. Thankfully the Republican Politicians failed as bad as the Pelosi Democrats. We need them to persist and correct the law, even if it means repeal then replace the flaw law.